It can be difficult and take a long time to sell a house, particularly if you are living in it and it’s cluttered with your belongings acquired over many years. There is a solution however, use the services of a storage facility to clear space in your home, brighten it up with some new bright cushions and rugs, and make it smell nice when people come to view it – in other words make it look like a show home.

There are various ways to stage a house ready for sale and careful planning and organisation are imperative. The aim is to have a prospective buyer look around your home and realize they desperately want it!  The main thing you have to understand is that it is not your home anymore, so stop thinking of it as such and start decluttering and getting rid of things. Thinking in this fashion will help you make a quicker sale than simply sitting back and waiting for someone to realize its potential underneath all the crap.

Cutting yourself off from the emotional feeling the house can invoke, which can include family memories of good times and bad times, will work wonders. Prepare the home for viewing by packing away all your personal stuff and photos of the family, clear the shelf of your son’s football trophies and books, and any other knick knacks that will remind buyers the house is lived in by others. You want them to be able to see themselves living there, and they can’t do that if your things are all over the place.

They say that anything you haven’t looked at or needed in the past year should be thrown away as not necessary. Don’t throw it however, why not donate it to someone needy instead? Maybe you have a young niece or other family member setting up home and in need of the practical items we collect over time. Or take it down to the local charity shop where they will definitely find a good home for what you call rubbish.

Clear and clean as many surfaces as possible, get some cardboard boxes and store away your books and ornaments, kitchen equipment, and just about anything you aren’t going to need in the near future. The emptier the house the better it will be viewed, people don’t want to see your junk lying around, they want space and style. We aren’t talking about storing all your large furniture at this point, simply move as many of the smaller pieces of furniture and other belongings. They have to be packed up when you actually move out anyway so you might as well get started.

Once the house has been cleared there might be some minor repairs that stand out, try and get these fixed before any potential buyers see them as they’ll be the things they remember. Cracked tiles and stains are easy enough to replace and clean, walls and doors can be brightened up with a new lick of paint, and strategically placed lamps can add height and warmth to a dark corner.

Buyers want to be able to visualize their own pieces of furniture and possessions in this house so the less there is of your things the better. It can be a really good idea to rent a storage unit as they allow you to store your large furniture items, boxes and anything else in a safe place until you’re ready to collect them once you’ve moved into a new place. Just leave the necessities, a sofa and armchair, a coffee table, beds and dining room table with chairs, for buyers to get the idea.

Lastly make sure you clean the house from top to bottom! It might sound superficial but most people don’t have the vision to see beyond your clutter or mess and are much more likely to buy a house that is all ready to be moved into. Clean the windows and floors, scrub the dirty fingerprints from around the light bulbs, put down some new rugs, cut the grass and put the coffee pot on to brew.